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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer of the Dark Side

The Cafepress dark shirt technology is still in "Beta phase" according to Marc Cowlin, their PR Manager. Seven months of beta and counting? This could take longer to work out than the average MickeySoft operating system release.

As of mid-June, the output of the Cafepress Beta project is as follows:

CafePress Black Cartoon Shirt:
CafePress Black Cartoon Shirt

CafePress Black Text Shirt:
CafePress Black Text Shirt

(See the December 27, 2005 entry of this blog for the original shirts and the website thumbnails for these designs.)

Overall the colors are better than late in 2005, although certain shades of blue are turning out worse.

In any event, I decided to start offering Cafepress black t-shirts for some designs in the Just4yucks catalog. I'd be interested to hear the opinions of our customers who try these shirts.

Dave Bealer


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